ARVAS Tropical Fish Show Aquariums from 2018
ARVAS Tropical Fish Show 2018

Due to COVID, no date has been set for 2021

There is no admission charge.

Our show is not the average fish show. There are drum bowls to 30 gallon tanks all decorated and with live fish or other aquatic critters. There are all natural tanks with real aquatic plants, tanks with novelty themes, tanks with colored gravel, colored lights, plastic plants & decorations, and tanks with turtles, frogs, etc. Our show is unique & educational and it lasts for 6 days, Monday through Saturday. It is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. There will be literature available on the fish keeping hobby, on ARVAS, and business cards from area fish stores. There will also be display tanks from area stores.

Viewers will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite tank too.

Our show brings in a lot of people, young and old. Library statistics show that over 4,000 people typically visit the Olean Library during the week of our show.

Photos from previous shows may be viewed here.