Executive Officers

Name Position Phone Email
John Clark President 716-372-6192 jclark6151@yahoo.com
Tom Sisson Vice President 716-557-2585 tsisson@localnet.com
Wilma Chesnut Secretary / Membership 716-373-2639 wilmaches@hotmail.com
Wilma Chesnut Treasurer    

Board Members

All Officers and the Following

Name Phone Email
Colleen Plank 607-661-2266  
Anthony Kasperski   kaspers1109@roadrunner.com
Shelby Falk 716-790-3492 sstablaz@hotmail.com
Colleen Robinson   robin1@localnet.com
Elaine Rogers 585-593-5927  

Committee Members

Committee Name
BAP / HAP Tom Sisson
Programs All Members
Ways/Means/Raffle Tom Sisson
Newsletter Wilma Chesnut
Refreshments Anthony Kasperski
Annual Auction Wilma Chesnut
Webmaster Tyler Morris & Wilma Chesnut
Bowl Show John Clark
ARVAS Aquarist Award  
Annual ARVAS Family Picnic  
Christmas Party & Awards Dinner