2023 Supporters

Thank you to the following for your support and generous donations to ARVAS.


Ellicottville Aquatics
4343 South Whalen Road, Great Valley, NY 14741
Saltwater, Freshwater fish, Reptile small Animals,
Supplies, Live fishing bait, Tank Maintenance & Cleaning
Phone: 716-244-1008                   Like Us on Facebook

The Fish Place
141 Robinson Street, North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Largest Selection of Fish and Plants in Western NY
Phone: 716-693-4411                   Jake Mang, Mgr.
Quality Equipment                        Discount Prices

Aquatic Plants and Fish
Email: mike@mikeswetpets.com
Phone: 716-681-2572

Appalachian Koi and Goldfish Farm
564 Chestnut St., Bradford, PA 16701
Has all your ponds needs plus aquariums, plants and hobby related supplies
Website: www.AppalachianKoi.com

Just Pets Inc.
Rts. 5 & 20, Irving, NY
Family owned and operated
Supplies for fish, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and more
Phone: 716-934-2780
Website: www.justpetsonline.com

Florida Aquatic Nurseries
Wholesaler of great looking aquatic plants and donates plants to aquarium clubs
Website: www.floridaaquatic.com

Aquarium Coop
Good food, plants, filters, supplies, and YouTube videos with lots of good information

Zoo Med
Great products for all your exotic pets and reptile:  Food, housing, lights, heaters, helpful information, and more
Website: www.zoomed.com

Amazonas and Reef to Rainforest Magazine
Lots of good reading & information.
Subscriptions available in magazines or digital
Website: www.amazonasmagazine.com

Bulk Reef Supply
Quality Saltwater Aquarium Supplies with Expert Advice
Website: www.bulkreefsupply.com

Estes Co.
Highest Quality Aquarium Aggregates (gravel)
Rocks and driftwood
Website: www.estesco.com

AA Aquariums
Aquariums, UV lights, water care, fish food and more
Website: www.aa-aquarium.com

Ecological Labs
Micro lift and Microbe life hydroponics
Website: www.ecologicallabs.com

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